Ideas for Decorating Your New Sunroom Addition

Sunroom Ideas

You love your new sunroom addition, with its walls of windows that flood the space with natural light and provide access to sweeping views. However, the worn-out patio furniture currently occupying your space just doesn’t seem to do it justice. If you want to turn this new home addition into your favorite room in the house, read on for stylish and comfortable sunroom decoration ideas.

A Comfy Retreat

Do you like dozing off in the warm sunshine or curling up with a good book? Arrange two or three comfortable, overstuffed chairs in your sunroom addition to create a cozy seating nook. Limiting the pieces of furniture keeps the space light and airy while still providing you with a comfy space to relax. Incorporating fade-resistant pillows and blankets in your sunroom décor might also be a good idea, as these soft, dreamy elements can help you relax in your space.

An Attractive Gathering Space

Alternatively, you can turn your sunroom addition into a vibrant entertainment area by clustering narrow-profiled chairs and loveseats into seating areas. In addition to not cluttering up your space, the simple profile of these furnishings allows you and your guests to focus on the surrounding views. This makes simple, narrow or low-profiled furnishings the perfect idea for a sunroom surrounded by verdant shrubbery and gently swaying trees.

A Stunning Dining Area

Why not turn your sunroom addition into a dramatic dining room? By placing a table and chair set in the center of your sunroom, you can give your guests the illusion of eating outdoors without having to fend off pesky flies or chase down wind-tossed napkins. As the sun goes down, your sunroom addition will only grow more beautiful when flooded with rich golden light. Alternatively, you can use your sunroom as a breakfast nook—the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee and survey the sunrise while you wake up.

These are only a few ideas for decorating your sunroom addition, but there are so many more ways to arrange your space! Do you want to create the perfect sunroom for entertaining your friends or relaxing on a sun-filled afternoon? Contact Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths today!