Learn About Our Sunroom Enclosures & the Benefits they Offer Fenton, MO, Homeowners

Sunroom Enclosures Fenton MOIf you love spending time outside but wish you didn’t have to deal with the UV rays, insects, and inclement weather conditions that can ruin your outdoor fun, then you’ll certainly want to learn about the sunroom enclosures offered by Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors, and Baths. These structures will allow you and your family to relax and play in an outdoor environment that is free of common outdoor nuisances.

Benefits of Our Sunroom Enclosures

Made by Joyce Manufacturing Company, our sunroom enclosures are extremely well made and offer homeowners a number of benefits, including:

  • Durability – Made of aluminum and vinyl, our sunrooms resist damage from everyday wear and tear and will stand strong for years to come.
  • Energy efficiency – Our sunrooms boast features like argon gas fills and multiple coats of Low-E to help them maintain a more comfortable interior temperature no matter the temperature outside.
  • Aesthetic appeal – Our sunrooms have a clean, finished appearance because their corners are welded together rather than being secured by screws.
  • Aesthetic appeal – We have a number of styles available so you will be able to choose a sunroom that perfectly complements your home’s architecture and aesthetic.

For more information on our sunroom enclosures, or to find out how you can have one installed at your home in Fenton, MO, contact Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths. When you do, be sure to ask about the financing options we have for those who qualify.