A Screen Room Allows Homeowners in Fenton, MO, to Enjoy the Outdoors

Screen Room Fenton MO

Do you love spending time outdoors, enjoying the lush greenery that surrounds Fenton, Missouri? Are you tired of the biting mosquitoes and buzzing flies driving you back indoors? Let Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths help by installing a screen room at your home. This addition can enable you to enjoy the outdoors, allowing gentle breezes to refresh you while keeping irritating pests from interrupting your leisure time.

An Addition That Combines Durability and Beauty

At Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths, we believe that quality counts. This is why we construct our screen rooms from heavy-duty extruded aluminum designed to withstand the elements. When you purchase a screen porch from us, you can rest assured that it will provide you with a space to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.

Of course, durability is only part of what makes a screen room appealing. This addition should also blend into the architectural profile of your home, enhancing its aesthetics instead of sticking out as an eyesore. We design even the smallest features of our screen rooms with this principle in mind, which is why our porches:

  • Are coated in Korad polymer, which resists fading, scratching, and impact damage. This maintains the appearance of your screen porch for years to come.
  • Contain electrical raceway channels, which hide any wires that might run through your screen room. This provides it with a neat, finished appearance.
  • Can include vinyl skylights. This provides your screen porch with the ultimate finishing touch by bathing part of the room in pleasant sunlight or allowing you to stargaze at night.

A team of factory-trained and -certified employees installs every screen room purchased from Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors & Baths. These installers use best practices in order to ensure your screen porch can stand strong against the elements and provide you with enjoyment for years to come.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of a screen room at your Fenton, MO, home, contact Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors, & Baths today.