Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors, and Baths’ Certification

Certified Exterior Renovations

A key part of being a trustworthy and successful contracting company is garnering certifications from every manufacturer you represent. Without these certifications, contractors can install products they know nothing about and the homeowner would have no idea. As a homeowner, the first thing you should ask for from a contractor (besides proof of license) is proof of certification. If they cannot produce that proof for each product they install, they have not put in enough time and effort to deserve your business.

Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors is certified by the following manufacturers:

  • Joyce
  • Thermal Industries
  • CenterLock Energy Choice
  • Owens Corning
  • Provia
  • Leafproof
  • Green Energy Barrier
  • Aristocrat
  • Park Avenue

Installers You Can Trust

The manufacturers mentioned above are some of the finest producers of exterior renovation materials in the country, and at Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors we are proud to represent them. Along with these certification comes some added benefits, including warranties and education for our contractors in the installation of their products, not to mention the ability to use their high quality products to improve homes throughout the St. Louis area.

If our area is struck by inclement weather and you are left dealing with storm or hail damage, your home in St. Louis, Missouri or Illinois needs the attention of a certified, professional contractor. There are companies called “storm chasers” who pop up after major storms offering discounts but these companies often do shoddy work and leave you with more of a mess than the storm did.

When you need exterior renovation to spruce up your home, or are dealing with storm or hail damage in St. Louis, Missouri or Illinois, contact the fully licensed, certified, and insured contractors at Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors!