High Quality Entry Doors from Jacob Sunrooms, Exteriors, and Baths

Entry Doors Experts in St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois

At Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors, we’ve seen energy costs rise exponentially since we began working in the local exterior renovation industry in 1977. It seems like every month our neighbors are stressing over higher bills without any real idea of why their costs are rising or how to reduce their energy bills. The culprit that most homeowners don’t even think of is one of the most high traffic areas in their home- the front door.

Aging entry doors cannot properly seal off your home from the outside elements and vice versa. If they became hard to open and close, warped, or cracked the amount of air that gets in and out increases each time you walk through. In the colder winter months as well as the warmer months of summer, that airflow is costing you money. Your entry door lets the temperature-regulated air inside go directly outside and lets outside air in. This causes your heating and cooling systems to work harder, and your energy costs start to skyrocket.

Entry Door Features:

  • Beauty: Our entry doors come with the classic elegance and style you expect.
  • Security: We have a variety of safety features available including deadbolts.
  • Energy Efficient: Energy Star compliant and weather stripped to prevent drafts.
  • Variety: We have lots of colors, finishes, and other options to customize your doors.
  • Durable: Made with materials designed to stand up to the elements and look great for years to come.

Entry Door Installations Throughout St. Louis, Missouri and Illinois

Newer entry doors, like those manufactured by Provia and installed by Jacob Sunroom & Exteriors, are designed to be more durable and sustainable than older doors. Using advanced materials such as fiberglass, Provia can create a door that has the same look and feel as a hard-wood door, with superior energy efficiency and a much longer lifespan. The advanced materials eliminate the prospect of warping and a proper installation from our expert team will keep your door securely in its place for years to come.

Homeowners in St. Louis, Litchfield, Vandalia, and throughout Southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri contact us today and let one of our professional installers determine the perfect entry door options for your home. You can also check out our other home improvement products like replacement widows and patio doors.